GSG Bulletins

The first issue of the G.S.G. Bulletin was published in June 1963. Issues of Volume 1 appeared at two-monthly intervals. Thereafter, the frequency was curtailed to two each year. A total of fifty Bulletins had been published over a period of a quarter of a century by the time the second series began, still maintaining, where-ever practicable, a regular two issues per year.
Vol.3 No.1 (1980) marked a major administrative change when editorship was relinquished by Alan Jeffreys and taken up by Peter Dowswell and Ivan Young. For that issue only, offset litho was used for printing, but the club then purchased an electric Roneo machine, and all subsequent issues have been produced on it but editorship reverted to Alan Jeffreys from Volume 5 No.3 (1987).
No major format changes to the magazine have been made since the conversion to A4 in 1972, except that with the Series 3. Vol.3 No.3 (March 1995) use of folded A3 sheets was introduced. Typesetting changed to computer print with Series 3. Vol.1 No.5. The volume cover colour coding has been continued. This is: No.1 white; No.2 pink; No.3 green; No.4 gold (or yellow); No.5 blue. With Vol. 5 No.3 (March 2000), the use of colour centrefold photographs commenced.