Previous Events 1994 - 1999


Date Location Event
9-10 January Yorkshire Pen-y-ghent Pot (permit applied for) / TBD
23-24 January Appin Midge-free caving in Creran
30-31 January Yorkshire Christmas Pot / TBD
6-7 February Assynt Robert Service evening (ask Pete Dowswell for an explanation!)
20-21 February Yorkshire Notts Pot / TBD
6-7 March Yorkshire Flood Entrance Pot / TBD
20-21 March Assynt Caribbean evening
10-11 April Assynt Hut repair, plus digging
17-18 April Forest of Dean or Derbyshire Watch this space...!
1 May Assynt Curry Marathon at the Alt
29-30 May Appin  
5-6 June Skye Cave prospecting with Steve Birch
12-13 June Appin  
26-27 June Yorkshire TBD
3-4 July S of Yorkshire Derbyshire, Wales, or Mendip?
17-18 July Yorkshire TBD
10-12 September Leeds Hidden Earth '99 - BCRA National Caving Conference
11 September Assynt SCRO joint practice with Assynt MRT
25-26 September Assynt GSG Autumn BBQ
2-3 October Yorkshire TBD
23-24 October Yorkshire County Pot, Easegill Caverns
30-31 October Assynt Annual Dinner (Halloween dress required!)
13-14 November Appin Digging in Draught Caledonian? etc
27-28 November Yorkshire TBD
11-12 December Yorkshire Grange Rigg/Christmas Pot
New Year 1999-2000 Assynt All the usual activities


Date Location Event
Sat 3-4 Jan Yorkshire Vesper Pot / TBD
Sat 24-25 Jan Assynt Burn's Supper at the Alt, diving and digging
Sat 31 Jan - 1 Feb Yorkshire Magnetometer Pot / Hagg Gill
21 Feb Kirkliston GSG AGM
28-29 Feb Assynt GSG theme evening, digging et cetera
Sat March 7-8 Yorkshire Sleets Gill Cave / Out Sleets Beck Pot
14-15 March Appin Exploration and surveying
28-29 March Assynt GSG theme evening and all the normal Assynt activities
4-5 April Yorkshire Simpson's Hole / TBD
25 April - 10 May Assynt Mendip migration - caving, digging, diving,

and a swift half or two or more
16-17 May Appin Surveying and exploration
29-30 May Assynt Spring BBQ, digging and diving
6-7 June Durness Smoo and other Durness caves
12-14 June Clapham British Cave Rescue Council Conference
22-23 August Appin Digging in Rose Cave etc.
5-6 September Yorkshire Short Drop / TBD
18-20 September Southport BCRA Conference "Hidden Earth 98"
26-27 September Appin Glen Creran - surface & subterranean surveying
3 October Assynt SCRO joint practice with Assynt MRT
10-11 October Yorkshire Easegill (permit applied for) / TBD
24-25 October Assynt GSG Annual Dinner in Inchnadamph Hotel
7-8 November Appin More work for the Appin Cave Guide
14-15 November Mendip Goon's 40 years of caving celebration
28-29 November Yorkshire Rift Pot - Ireby Fell / TBD
5-6 December Yorkshire Alum <-> Diccan exchange / TBD
12-13 December Assynt Mexican evening plus all the usual attractions


Date Location Event
Sat Jan 11-12 Yorkshire Little Hull (booked) / TBD
Sat Jan 24-25 Assynt Burns Supper - at the Alt
Sat Feb 08-09 Yorkshire Rift Pot / Ireby
Sat Feb 21-22 Assynt  
Sat Mar 01 Kirkliston AGM
Sat Mar 08-09 Assynt Greek evening - Taigh nam Famh
Sat Apr 04-05 Assynt Indian evening - Taigh nam Famh
Sat Apr mid Derbyshire BCRC AGM
Sat May 10-11 Yorkshire Ease Gill
Sat May 31 Assynt Spring BBQ
Sat Jun 14-15 South Wales Contact Roger and Liz for details
Sat Aug 01-03 Yorkshire Bar Pot (booked for Friday)
Sat Sep 06 Assynt Autumn BBQ
Fri Sep 12-14 Bristol BCRA conference
Sat Sep 20-21 Appin Lecture to Appin Historical Society
Sat Sep 27-28 Yorkshire Little Hull (booked)
Thu Oct 16-20 Fermanagh Contact Fraser
Sat Nov 01-02 Derbyshire Annual Dinner in Castleton
Sat Nov 22-23 Yorkshire Dow Cave / Providence Pot
Sat Dec 6-7 Yorkshire Simpson's Pot / Bull Pot of the Witches


Date Location Event
Mon Jan 01-02 Assynt New Year in Taigh nam Famh
Sat Jan 13-14 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat Jan 27-28 Assynt Burn's Supper, digging & caving
Sat Feb 10-11 Yorkshire Cherry Tree Hole / Bar Pot (booked)
Sat Feb 17 Uphall Annual General Meeting 2:30 p.m.
Sat Feb 24-25 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Mar 09-10 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat Mar 23-24 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving & Indian Evening
Sat Apr 13-14 Appin Surveying - both above and below ground
Sat May 11-12 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat May 25-26 Assynt Spring BBQ
Sat Jun 08-09 Appin Surveying
Sat Jun 22-30 Assynt Sutherland week
Sat Jul 13-14 TBD Choice of Applecross / Skye / Derbyshire
Sat Jul 27-28 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Aug 10-11 Appin Surveying
Sat Aug 24-25 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Sep 06-07 Assynt Autumn BBQ and practice rescue New date
Sat Sep 13-15 Sheffield BCRA Conference Hidden Earth
Sat Sep 28 Assynt Claonaite diving (tentative)
Sat Oct 12 Assynt Claonaite diving (tentative)
Sat Oct 12-13 Yorkshire Juniper Gulf (booked) / TBD
Sat Oct 26-27 Assynt Annual Dinner: Altnacealgach
Sat Nov 09-10 Yorkshire Lost Johns (booked)
Sat Dec 07-08 Yorkshire Pippikin (booked) / TBD


Date Location Event
Sat Feb 11 Yorkshire Vespers Pot
Sun Feb 12 Yorkshire Tatham Wife Hole
Sat Mar 04 Yorkshire Diccan Pot
Sun Mar 05 Yorkshire Pool Sink
Sat Apr 08 Yorkshire Little Hull Pot
Sun Apr 09 Yorkshire Middle Scar Cave
Sat Apr 22-23 Appin Surveying
Sat May 06-08 Assynt BCRA Hydrology weekend
Sat May 27-28 Wales Dan Yr Ogof
Sat Jun 03 Assynt Elphin BBQ
Sat Jun 17-18 Assynt Elphin spring barbecue (New date)
Fri Jun 23 Edinburgh Freddie Brandon's 3 score & 10 celebration
Sat Jun 24-25 Penwyllt Cavers' Fair
Sat Jul 01-02 Sutherland Digging
Thu Jul 13 Carlops Classic caves of Scotland - No.1 Jeanie Barries' Cave
Tue Aug 01 Yorkshire Centenary of Martel's descent of Gaping Ghyll

Winch meet in period costume
Sat Aug 05-06 Sutherland Family weekend
Sat Aug 12-13 Applecross or Skye TBD
Tue Aug 22 Edinburgh SRT training
Sat Aug 26-27 Yorkshire To be announced
Sat Sep 09-10 Sutherland Elphin autumn barbecue and slide show
Sat Sep 23-24 Yorkshire Alum Pot / Diccan Pot
Sat Sep 30-01 Southport BCRA National Conference
Sat Oct 07-08 Sutherland Digging
Sat Oct 21-22 Wells GSG annual dinner
Sat Nov 11-12 Yorkshire To be announced
Sat Dec 02-03 Yorkshire Tatham Wife Hole / Hag Gill
Sun Dec 10 Appin Preparatory work for Caves of Appin
Sat Dec 16-17 Assynt Hut-building, digging in Rana and Damoclean


Date Location Event
Sat Mar 19 Yorkshire Meregill
Sat Apr 16 Yorkshire TBD
Fri May 20-22 Sutherland ANUSC (digging/diving), hut building
Fri Jun 03-05 Sutherland Hut building
Fri Jun 10 Yorkshire Dowbergill Passage, Snatcher Pot
Sat Jun 25 Sutherland Hut opening ceremony
Fri Jul 15 Yorkshire Black Shiver Pot, Simpson's Pot
Sat Sep 17 Assynt Hut building
Sun Sep 18 Assynt Hut building
Fri Sep 23-25 Assynt Hut building and inspection
Sat Oct 01 Assynt Official opening of Elphin Caving Centre
Sat Oct 15-16 Assynt Hut building
Sat Oct 15 Yorkshire Pasture Gill Pot
Sun Oct 16 Yorkshire Out Sleet Beck Pot
Sat Oct 22 Assynt Annual Dinner
Sat Nov 05 Yorkshire Ireby Fell Cavern
Sun Nov 06 Yorkshire Heron Pot
Sat Nov 26 Yorkshire Marble Steps Pot
Sun Nov 27 Yorkshire Jingling Pot
Sat Dec 10 Yorkshire Hurnell Moss Pot
Sun Dec 11 Yorkshire Simpson's Pot
Fri Dec 30 Assynt New Year at the new hut