Rana advice

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Rana advice

Mark Brown -
Several logbook entries have expressed surprise about the Rana entrance so here's some advice:

The short drop from the shakehole to the top of the fixed ladders requires:
1) an electron ladder from the hut.
2) a lifeline (belay off scaffold stakes above the entrance) or some self lining equipment.
3) the traverse between pitches and the lower fixed ladder are exposed - some form of lifelining or self lining is highly recommended, especially for novices.

There is a fixed traverse line at the top of the fixed ladders, but this is of unknown condition and age. Only clipping a cowstail to the backup tail of this (the bit that comes up to the surface) in order to descend/ascend the electron ladder, risks falling up to 5m onto your cowstails (which is not going to be comfortable/survivable).

Black rift requires SRT gear or electron ladders and lifelines or self lining erquipment.

Hope this helps