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Back issues of recent GSG Newsletters which were distributed electronically are made available here. Newsletters are issued every couple of months but the main GSG organ, the Bulletin, is not available online, sorry. Newsletters 155-166 which are not currently available will be added as soon as the current and previous newsletter editors getup to speed on the workings of the website and can catch up on the back-log.

GSG Annual Dinner Weekend
Despite dire weather the 2012 Annual Dinner weekend was a success and I believe all enjoyed the GSG's nearest dinner yet to the North Pole. Thanks are due to Colin Coventry for selecting the Smoo Cave Hotel, and to the hotel for their elastic dining room that extended from an initial estimate of about 40 for the dinner to a near record attendance of 68. Colin selected the local Youth Hostel for accommodation. It opened under the SYHA RentaHostel scheme especially for the GSG. Quite a few of us also enjoyed nights either in Colin's house or camped on his front lawn. The weekend started early with members arriving at Taigh nam Famh from Tuesday onwards.

More Discoveries in Appin - The team investigating both new and old areas in Appin has chalked up more successes. First they visited Own Hole in Glen Creran after a gap of many years by the GSG and found a new connection through a squeeze that before had probably been written off as 'too tight'. Then taking a fresh look at the limestone band along the western slopes of Glen Stockdale found some new passage near Claon Uamh and Rock Shelter 3...

A GSG team met ex-member George Kennedy in Appin on Saturday June 30th and found several entrances in a patch of limestone he'd investigated up the Allt Buidhe east of Druimvuic at the head of Loch Creran. They have been provisionally named as Rowan Tree Cave, Eton Hole, Bitchlicking Hole and Tight'un. George's Jack Russell is responsible for one of those names.

The GSG Jubilee publication 'Decades in the Dark' has won the Tratman Award for 2011. This is presented to the author of the best caving-related publication of the year. It was judged by three independent cavers who make their recommendation to the Ghar Parau Foundation which funds the award. The 2011 judges were Ric Halliwell, Chris Howes and Martin Mills. Opinion was also sought from a wider readership.

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