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When I looked to see if all my various devices were listed I noticed that his description of how to use a Neill Box was wrong - he was using his upside down!. Evidently it arrived without instructions. He's amended his description, but still prefers his way of using it!!!

On December 30th Tony Jarratt became the first person to reach Claonaite Seven without diving gear as he entered Belh Aven from Rana Hole. A fitting climax to the 12 years and 12 weeks since we started digging and almost 32 years since J'Rat had recorded finding Rana in April 1976.

The extra page mailed out with the last Newsletter told the story of two successive breakthroughs in Rana Hole. The first on Monday October 30, just after the Annual Dinner weekend, found the first section of passage since digging started in 1995 - on October 7th if my records are accurate. This 30m extension was reduced to comparative insignificance by the discovery of the following day.

The NASA Odyssey spacecraft currently orbiting Mars has found evidence of caverns on the red planet. It has photographed what appear to be circular openings in the Martian surface on the northern slopes of the volcano Arsia Mons at 121 west longitude 9 south latitude. The thermal imager on Odyssey found that these spots are cooler than the surrounding surface in the day and warmer during the night. This is what would be expected if they were deep holes or openings into underground caverns. Comparable cavities on earth include Mexico's El Sotano a 410m deep pit with a 450 x 200m entrance.

Caisteal Maol is a ruined castle on the Isle of Skye opposite Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland. It was occupied by a Norse princess nicknamed Saucy Mary who married Findanus MacKinnon in about 900AD. They ran a heavy chain across the water and extracted a toll from every ship passing through the straits - the Caol Acain (Kyle Akin): which is a roundabout way to introduce the venue for the 2007 GSG Annual Dinner. It is being held in Saucy Mary's Lodge, Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye. You will be relieved to hear that the new bridge is now toll free.