GSG Songs

Grampian Speleological Group Anthem

By Peter (Snab) MacNab 2011

Scots wha hae been underground,
Whaur caverns measureless abound,
We hae dug and we hae found,
Main nor two or three!
Mighty chambers, tiny crawls,
Roaring rivers, waterfalls,
Pitches, sumps, we've found them all!
We are the G.S.G!

Let's think of how it all begun,
Goon's early antics, done for fun,
Led to the club in sixty one
He'd formed the G.S.G!
Inside museums hidden spines
Exploring all the local mines
Then doon the road to the Pennines
And speleotherapy!

Then onwards, downwards, search for more,
With all of Scotland to explore,
Entrenching tools were our claymores!
We tackled it with glee!
A base with Assynt's wondrous views,
The Inch and Allt with plenty booze,
A mighty list of digging crews
Found caves repeatedly!

Then Schiehallion, Appin, Skye,
And Applecross o'er pass so high,
The thirst for finds you can't deny,
It's there for all to see!
Now fifty years of finds so rare,
Throughout the world by those that dare,
Not just the caves, think of the bear,
Found by the G.S.G.!

Repeat verse 1

To the tune Hey Tuttie Tatie better known as that used for Robert Burns' composition Scots Whae Hae

A Hut Warden's Lot Is Not A Happy One

If a caver's not engaged in his enjoyment, - his enjoyment,
Or pursuing of a subterranean plan, - 'nean plan
His capacity for chaos and disorder, - and disorder,
Is far greater than that of any other man, - other man.
When he gets up very early in the morning, - in the morning,
And finds that last night's washing up's not done, - up's not done,
And all he hears is other people snoring, - people snoring,
A Hut Warden's lot is not a happy one, - happy one.

With a hundred dirty dishes to be done, - to be done,
A Hut Warden's lot is not a happy one, - happy one.

After breakfast when the others have gone caving, - have gone caving,
And still the washing up has not been done, - not been done,
It is then that you will hear the Warden raving, - Warden raving,
For cleaning up is not a lot of fun, - lot of fun.
When he's last one to be leaving on a Sunday, - on a Sunday,
And the water and the gas are still turned on, - still turned on,
The rubbish must be put out before Monday, - before Monday,
A Hut Warden's lot is not a happy one, - happy one.


When he's created all these meals for our partaking 2013 our partaking,
And produced great dishes from all round the world, - round the world
With curries, chillis, and such food of his own making, - his own making
It's enough to make the others all feel proud, - all feel proud
With Burns Suppers, Christmas meals and summer feasts, - summer feasts,
And festive meals for many different events, - 'rent events,
There's been fun and laughter dodging midgie beasts, - midgie beasts,
A Hut Warden's lot is quite a happy one, - happy one.


By Milch & Kirsty Mills with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan