Transparencies - 1001 - 1128


1001. Cnoc nan Uamh, Landslip Chamber, c.1950
1002. Cnoc nan Uamh, Grotto. c.1950
1003. Cnoc nan Uamh, Exit from Grotto.c.1950
1004. Cnoc nan Uamh, The Grotto.c.1950
1005. Cnoc nan Uamh, T. Ford in 1st Stream Chamber, c.1950-3
1006. Cnoc nan Uamh, M. Keenlyside in Waterslide, c.1950
1007. Allt nan Uamh, Waterfall above Cave, c.1950
1008. Allt nan Uamh Valley above ANUSC, c.1950
1009. Smoo Cave, Boating under Arch in Lake. c.1950
1010. Smoo Cave, Arch to Lake Chamber, c.1950
1011. Lower Traligill Cave, 1st Grotto c. 1950-3
1012. Lower Traligill Cave, Straws in 1st Grotto, c. 1950-3
1013. Lower Traligill Cave, 2nd Grotto, c.1950-3
1014. Cnoc nan Uamh, M. Keenlyside in Passage to Static Sump, c.1950
1015. Cuil Dubh Sink, Traligill. c.1950
1016. Tree Hole. John Buxton in Upper Passage,  c.1953
1017. Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Peter Wilkinson in Entrance, c.1950
1018. Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Entrance (by Alan Kirk) c.1950
1019. Dry Waterfall below Uamh an Tartair, Knockan (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1020. Uamh an Tartair, Knockan, Entrance (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1021. Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Entrance Ramp (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1022. Lower Traligill Cave, 2nd Grotto. c.1950-3
1023. Cnoc nan Uamh, M. Keenlyside at Lake, Landslip Chamber, c.1950
1024. Lower Traligill Cave and Thrust Plane Valley, c.1950
1025. Cnoc nan Uamh, Top of Waterslide with Norman Brindle (?) c.1950-3
1026. Lower Traligill Cave, Entrance, c.1953
1027. Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, M. Keenlyside and Norman Brindle(?) at Piccadilly. c.1950
1028. Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Alan Kirk at Entrance (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1029. Smoo Cave, Climbing Aven above Sump.c.1950
1030. Uamh an Tartair, Knockan. Stream Bed Above Entrance (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1031. Smoo Cave, Interior of 1st Chamber. c.1953
1032. Uamh an Tartair, Knockan, Caver in foam, Streamway, c.1950
1033. Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Entrance Crawl. c.1950
1034. Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Rift Stream Series, c. 1950
1035. Bear Cave, Allt nan Uamh. Entrance (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1036. Fuaran Allt nan Uamh c. 1950
1037. Balnakeil Gloup Cave, John Buxton(?) in Boat. c.1950
1038. Balnakeil Gloup Cave, Entrance Geo. c.1950
1039. Smoo Cave from N.E. Mary Dawkins in Foreground. 1953
1040. Balnakeil Gloup Cave from Nearby Headland. c.1950
1041. Smoo Cave, Looking out of Entrance.c.1950
1042. Smoo Cave, Looking out of Entrance, c.1950
1043. Uamh an Tartair, Knockan, Entrance from Above (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1044. Uamh an Tartair, Knockan, Cavers by Entrance, c.1950
1045. Creag nan Uamh and Otter Hole,. General View (by A. Kirk) c.1950
1046. Allt nan Uamh Valley. View from Fuaran Looking East. c.1950
1047. Ach a’Chorrain Cave 1, Durness. c. 1953
1048. Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Oxford Street with Norman Brindle(?) c. 1950
1049. Pivka Jama, View of Main Streamway
1050. Uamh an Claonaite. Top of entrance choke
1051. Uamh an Claonaite. Descending eyehole in entrance choke
1052. Uamh an Claonaite. Bottom of entrance choke
1053. Uamh an Claonaite. Foot of entrance choke.
1054. Uamh an Claonaite. Foot of entrance choke.
1055. Uamh an Claonaite.  Approach to First Cascade
1056. Uamh an Claoniaite. Top of 1st Cascade
1057. Eric Glen beside Knockan Hut, 1974
1058. View looking North in front of Knockan Hut, 1974
1059. View of Cul Mor from Knockan Hut, 1974
1060. Cul Mor from Knockan hillside, 1974
1061. Dick Grindley at south end of Knockan Hut, 1974
1062. Cul Mor from Knockan Hillside, 1974
1063. Eric Glen sunbathing. South end of Knockan hut, 1974
1064. Cul Mor and ruined cottage south of hut, 1974
1065. Front view of Knockan hut, 1974
1066. View of Canisp from Knockan, 1974
1067. View of Cul Mor and road from Knockan hut door, 1974
1068. Rear view of Knockan Hut before extension, 1974
1069. Chamber, Beecraigs Mine, West Lothian, 1989.
1070. Napier College Iran Expedition, Team in the Balkans (?) 1974
1071. Andy Reid at Kermanshah, Iran, 1974
1072. Bowden Hill, inside Entrance 3
1073. Bowden Hill, inside entrance 3
1074. Bowden Hill, inside entrance 3
1075. Bowden Hill, Hole 3 entrance passage
1076. Bowden Hill, choke in Hole 3
1077. Bowden Hill, Fossil
1078. Bowden Hill, Central Hall
1079. Bowden Hill. V-Necked Sweater
1080. Bowden Hill, near Drum Crawl
1081. Bowden Hill, in Hole 5
1082. Bowden Hill, in Hole 5
1083. Bowden Hill, in Hole 5
1084. Bowden Hill, rubble in Hole 5
1085. Bowden Hill, Pipe Passage
1086. Bowden Hill, Pipe Passage
1087. Bowden Hill, Pipe Passage
1088. Bowden Hill, chamber near Hole 4
1089. Bowden Hill, crawl into Hole 4 from Pipe Passage
1090. Bowden Hill, 3rd Choke
1091. Bowden Hill, Central Hall
1092. Bowden Hill, Pipe Passage
1093. Bowden Hill, Pipe Passage
1094. Bowden Hill, 3rd Choke
1095. Bowden Hill, in Hole 5
1096. Bowden Hill, 1st Choke
1097. Bowden Hill, 2nd Choke
1098. Bowden Hill, near Drum Crawl
1099. Bowden Hill, crawl to Chicken Run
1100. Leck Fell, looking at Marble Steps Pot
1101. Leck Fell looking toward Ireby Fell Cavern
1102. Leck Fell, west of Ireby Fell Cavern
1103. Leck Fell looking west towards Notts Pot
1104. Ireby Fell Cavern, entrance pipe
1105. Ireby Fell Cavern, looking down 1st pitch.
1106. Ireby Fell Cavern, 1st chamber
1107. Bowden Hill. Changing at the road
1108. Bowden Hill, Entrance 3 from outside
1109. Gouffre de Padirac, Entrance
1110. Gouffre de Padirac, View of Grand Dome Chamber

1111 Grotte Vivante. Salle des congress

1112 Grotte Vivante. Salle du Chaos

1113 Grotte Vivante. Galeries des gours

1114 Grotte Vivante. Buffets d'Orgues

1115 Grotte Vivantes. Decors de voute

1116 Grotte Vivantes. Perle en formation

1117 Eric Glen at the rear of Knockan Hut 1974

1118 Facade of Knockan hut. Pete Dowswell in doorway

1119 View from front door, Knockan hut

1120 View of Knockan hut from the north

1121 Phil and Sue Barton and Pete Dowswell at the Corrieshalloch Gorge

1122 View of Allkt nan Uamh valley from the Elephant Trap

1123 Entrance, Smoo Cave

1124 Roger Biddle playing organ in Knockan hut.  Andy Reid in foreground

1125 Dave Bunyan in Tree Hole

1126 Brian Melville playing bagpipes in Knockan hut. Steve Moore, Andy Reid and Julian Walford.

1127 Beer barrel in Knockian hut. L-R: ?, Julian Walford, Alan Jeffreys, Pete Dowswell, Lilias Drazek (?), Steve Moore

1128 A. Jeffreys emerging from unknown hole (possibly Calcite Cave).

1129 Pivka Cave, Slovenia

1130 Predjama Castle, Slovenia

1131 'The Human Fish' (Proteus anguinus) Postojnska Jama

1132 The Baldaquin, Postojnska Jama

1133 'Tartarus' Postojnska Jama

1134 The 'Brilliant', Postojnska jama

1135 The Monument, Postojnska Jama

1136 The Russian Bridge, Postojnska Jama

1137 Congress Hall, Postojnska Jama

1138 The Train, Postojnska Jama

1139 The Entrance, Postojnska Jama

1140 Entrance, Kingsdale Master Cave

1141 Passage in Ingleborough Cave

1142 Formations, Easegill Caverns

1143 The Colonnades, Lancaster Hole

1144 Stream Passage, Gaping Gill Hole

1145 Varves in stream passage, Gaping Gill

1146 Stream passage with straws, Gaping Gill

1147 View ofmain passage, Sleets Gill Cave

1148 Stal. in East Passage, Gaping Gill

1149 Staircase Cave, Giggleswick

1150 Entrance, Victoria Cave

1151 Bowling Alley, Gaping Gill

1152 Chamber, Bar Pot

1153 Camping in sand Caverns, Gaping Gill

1154 Stream gravel bank Gaping Gill

1155 East Passage, Gaping Gill

1156 Alluvium in stream passage, Gaping Gill

1157 Old East Passage, Gaping Gill

1158 Curtains, Gaping Gill

1159 Organ Pipes, Gaping Gill

1160 Map of Wales, Yordas Cave

1161 Ash in Manchester Hole

1162 Joint passage, Katnot Cave

1163 Formations, Easegill Caverns

1164 Douk Gill Rising

1165 Wolverine skeleton, Stump Cross Caverns

1166 Passage in Fairy Holes

1167 Main Chamber, Yordas Cave

1168 Varve sets, Gaping Gill

1169 Passage, Manchester Hole

1170 Formations, Stump Cross Caverbs

1171 Far East Passage, Gaping Gill

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