No.1. Journey into Amazing Caves (USA format)
No.2. A Rock and a Hard Place. Third Eye Films (2003)
No.3. Meghalaya 2004 [and 2003 + stills]
No.4. Uamh an Claonaite. (From entrance to first duck) (2004)
No.5. Wookey Exposed (A Film by Gavin Newman) (2005)
No.6. Planet Earth: Caves.  BBC (2006)
No.7. Speleology - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
No.8. 14th International Congress of Speleology, August 2005. Athens [Full transcript of papers]
No.9. Caving in the Abode of the Clouds. Pradeep Gogoi (2005)
No.10. SCRO Practice Rescues: Cults Mine; Rana Hole (2006)
No.11. SCRO Rope Technique Demos. Hi-Rope, Granton. (2006)
No.12. Descent of Uamh nan Claig-ionn. Noel Williams BBC 2 The Adventure Show, July (2006)
No.13. Trailer for ‘The Descent’ (2005)
No.14. Fight For Life. The Neil Moss Story (2006)
No.15. Speleo Vertical. A. Sparrow (2006)
No.16. Alum Pot.  Yorkshire Underground Classics. Bradford Pothole Club (2004)
No.17. The Descent (Film) (2005)
No.18. The Cave (Film) (2005)
No.19. A Tribute to Mike Wooding (2006)
No.20. The Cavern (Film) (2007)
No.21. Ultimate Caving. (BBC) (2007)
No.22. Hard Decisions at Sleets Gill
No.23. Beneath the Pennines: White Scar
No.24. ISSA Scotland and Bike Ride in Assynt (2007)
No.25. Caverns of  Casterton Fell.The Early Years. Ron Bliss (2007)
No.26. Sunday at Sunset Pot
No.27. Time Team (Wemyss Caves); BBC Inside Out (Mossdale, 40 years on)
No.28. Scottish Outdoor Access Code. (2006)
No.29. Giant of the South (Sima GESM) (2006)
No.30. Alan Jeffreys’ Talk at Hidden Earth 2005
No.30. Chronicle: Images of Another World; Sporting Chance. Anneka Rice in Calf Holes
No.31. Journey into Darkness. Explorations of E.A. Martel (1994)
No.32. The Secret Mendips.  (Wynford Vaughan Thomas, HTV) (1974)
No.33. Removing Bear Bones from Uamh an Claonaite (2008)
No.34. Tony Jarratt’s Caving Logbooks (1964-2008)
No.35. Sutherland - The Empty Land. Cameron McNeish. BBC2 (2009)
No.36. Daren Cilau. A Film by Steve Sharp (2008)
No.37. To Titan from the Top. David Webb (2008)
No.38. Ratfest, 15th November 2008 (2009)
No.39.  Fear of Falling. Channel 4 (1990s?)
No.40. The Descent, Part 2 (Film) (2009)
No.41. Giant’s Hole. R. Johnson (2005)
No.42. ‘Shout’ Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation. R. Johnson (2004)
No.43. Sanctum (Film) (2010)
No.44. Club Song by Snab, Jubilee Dinner 2011
No.45. BBC Alba (Gaelic) at Applecross
No.46. Window Into Darkness (no date)

No.47. Cave Rescue Practice, Argyll. BBC 'Landward' (2011)

No.48. BBC Cave-related Features: Applecross, Landward (2011)

No.49: Speleo-Vertical. Andy Sparrow (2007)

No.50: The Underground Journey. Lead Mine Soughs Beneath Cromford (1968)

No.51: The Hidden River of Allt nan Uamh (2012)

No.52: Glenamuckrach Pot. BBC 28.8.12

No.53: Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) The Mountain Figures (2012)

No.54: Abigail's Underground (humour)

No.55: Cave Nudes (no date)

No.56: Interview with Colin Coventry, The One Show BBC, 19.11.13

No.57: Shakespeare's Cave, Clydach Gorge

No.58: Diving in Darkness

No.59: a Travers la Pierre (Pierre St Martin)

No.60: News Items on Caving (Mostly BBC)

No.61: Misc Items from TV (2009-2011)

No.62: Fernhill Rediscovered* (Note: items marked * only play on a computer)

No.63: Hillocks Mine*

No.64: The Dig. Live Exploration in Ogof Draenen*

No.65: Peak Cavern (The Devil's Arse)*

No.66: Spirit of Exploration (Carlsbad Caverns)*

No.67: P8 (Jack Pot)*

No.68: Mulu Caves*

No.69: Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave. By Andy Freem (2014)

No.70: Northern Lights (Cnoc nan Uamh); Rana Hole. (no date)

No.71: Caving in the Abode of the Clouds (Duplicate)

No.72: Cave Rescue. Looped DVD

No.73: Claonaite film. Pieces to Cmera ANUS valley to entrance

No.74: Marble Arch Cave. Various BBC items

No.75: Meghalaya 2005

No.76: BBC 'Outside Now': ANUS Cave. Raw footage Oct 1999

No.77: Wookey Exposed. Gavin Newman (duplicate)

No.78: BBC Alba. FR2, Appolecross Aug 2011

No.79a  Underground Britain Channel 5 Parts 1-3 (2015)

No. 79b Underground Britain. Channel 5 Parts 4-6 (2015)

No.80: Early Mendip Caving Films. Maurice Hewins (Wessex Cave Club) - Swildons, Lamb Leer etc.

No.81: You Bet It's a Daft Idea.

No.82 BCRC Conference, June 2015
No.83 China. Beneath the Wall (2006)

No.84 The Beautiful Adventure (Dan yr Ogof) (2016)
No.85. Notts 4 Ways Club. Assynt Visit, 1964
No.86. 'It Was All Derek Beeston's Fault'. A Nostalgic Look Back at the Notts 4 Ways Club

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