Section 1. Rock Samples

Rock and Speleothem Collections

1. Fluted slab from Easegill Caverns, showing scallops
2. Scalloped flake from Easegill Caverns
3. Large flaky limestone block from Stronecrubie, Inchnadamph. Contains fucoid beds
4. Shaly limestone from Traligill Valley
5. Pure limestone block from Traligill Valley
6. Fluted pink limestone from No.1 Dig, Carlops
7. Fluted pink limestone from No.1 Dig, Carlops
8. (A,b,c,d) Four samples of Great Scar Limestone, two with large amount of fossil material in relief
9. Waterworn limestone pebble, Ireby Cavern
10. Metamorphic limestone pebble, Schiehallion
11. (A,b) Two pieces of Durness limestone with yellow veins of harder limestone therein
12. Piece of decomposed metamorphic limestone, Schiehallion
13. (A,b,c,) Three samples of sharp, waterworn limestone, Lionel’s Hole, Somerset
14. Large scalloped block, Dry Burn, Garrigill, Cumberland
15. Flake showing vadose features, Foss Cave II, Schiehallion
16. Large vadose flake, Foss Cave II
17. Large flake with black (dark schist/graphite) substance running through it
18. Rock showing anastomosis. Ribblehead

19. Piece of Eocene fossiliferous Limestone, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.
20. Fragment of flaky Eilean Dubh Dolomite from Ach a'Chorrain

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