Section 2. Calcite Formations

Rock and Speleothem Collections

19. Gour section, Cousland Quarry, Midlothian
20. Gour section, Cousland Quarry, Midlothian
21. Thin plate of gour, orange tint, Bowden Hill Mine, West Lothian
22. (A,b,c) Three pieces of gour on thin plate, Cousland Quarry
23. Gour in pieces, Cousland Quarry
24. ‘Flowers’ found within pool, Cousland Quarry
25. Brown coloured gour, Pathhead Quarry, Midlothian
26 (a,b) Two small pieces of gour, Cousland Quarry
27. Stalactite with bulbous growths of helictite origin down its length. St. Michael’s Cave, Gibraltar (bought)
28. Helictityes, Bowden Hill Mine
29. Small crystal growth, Cousland Quarry
30. Floor formation, Sell Gill Holes
31. Large stalagmite stump (sectioned) Cousland Quarry
32 (a-i) Nine small pieces of helictite growth, Bowden Hill Mine
33. Irregular crystal growth, Bowden Hill Mine
34. Helictites, Bone Cave II, Allt nan Uamh
35 (a,b) Two straw stalactites with crystal growth on sides. Bowden Hill Mine
36. Stalactite with sharp crystal growth on sides, Bowden Hill Mine
37. Stalactite completely coated with crystal growth. Bowden Hill Mine
38. Rock from gour pool coated with crystal ‘flowers’. Cousland Quarry
39. Gypsum crystals, Agen Allwedd
40. Small stalactite with curtain top. Cousland Quarry
41. Small stalactite. Cousland Quarry
42. Helictites on wide stalactite, Cousland Quarry
43. Small curtain, Couland Quarry
44. Small stalactite. Cousland Quarry
45. Stalagmite boss on boulder. Cousland Quarry
46 (a-jj) 35 miscellaneous small stalactites, Cousland Quarry
47 (a-i) 12 Pieces of crystal ‘flowers’. Cousland Quarry
48. Part of stalactite curtain, Ireby Cavern
49. Stalactite, East Passage, Gaping Gill Hole
50(a-x) 23 miscellaneous pieces of formations, two with blood red staining. Cousland Quarry
51. Stalactite, Bowden Hill Mine
52. Nest of cave pearls, Cousland Quarry
53. Nest of cave pearls, Cousland Quarry
54. Nest of cave pearls, Cousland Quarry
55. Cave Pearl nest wall, Cousland Quarry
56.(a,b,c) Nests of cave pearls, Cousland Quarry
57. Nest of cave pearls, Cousland Quarry
58. Nest of cave pearls composed of concreted pearls on black ground. Cousland Small Quarry
59. Stalagmite columns in group. Bowden Hill Mine
60. Decayed pieces of stalagmite, Sell Gill Holes
61. Stalactite with ribbed growth, Sell Gill Holes
62. Large wide stalactite, provenance unknown
63. Flowstone, Sell Gill Holes
64. Large stalactite, Clifton Cave, New Zealand (bought)
65. Cave pearl nest with single large pearl. Cousland Quarry
66. Packet of miscellaneous mineral speciments including limonite stalactites. Mostly from Leadhills and Fordel Coal Mine, Midlothian
67 (a,b) Two rocks coated with crystal flowers, Cousland Quarry
68. Large formation of stalagmite boss- blood red colour, Cousland Quarry
69. Chalcedony block, Cousland Quarry
70 (a,b) Two pieces of calcite. Cousland Quarry
71. Large sample of gour, Cousland Quarry
72. Set of 50 grey pearls, all completely spherical. From nest in shallow running water. Cousland Quarry
73. Set of 218 pearls - mostly pink - from single nest in flowing water. ‘Brain’ pattern on surface. Cousland Small Quarry
74. Set of 268 pearls - mostly pink - from single nest in shallow running water. ‘Brain’ pattern type. Cousland Quarry
75. Set of 32 grey/red irregular pearls from nest in sample 58. Cousland Small Quarry
76. 11 Sectioned pearls (some polished) of all types. Cousland Quarry
77. Single highly polished white pearl. Cousland Quarry
78. Set of eight white polished pearls, from destroyed nest. Cousland Quarry
79. Ten extra large pearls, irregular. Cousland Quarry
80. Miscellaneous set of 1099 irregular white pearls, all from Cousland Quarry

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