GSG Logos

The GSG "Arms"

The GSG "Arms"The `arms' were designed by Alan L Jeffreys, incorporating the following elements:

The Scottish Saltire

A rampant lion of Scottish style - converted to a tiger (caving parlance for a hard man) climbing a wire ladder.

The Gaelic motto, Tha Tiograichean an Seo was compiled by Dick Grindley and is an attempt to translate the sort of statement made on old-fashioned maps, ie. "Heere be Tygers." The letters GSG are Celtic in origin.

The GSG "Boot"

The GSG "Boot"The `Boot' was drawn by Pete (Snab) MacNab, one of a series of surreal cartoons he created in the mid-1960s and was first used on the 1974 GSG Dinner Menu. The original was not in silhouette but this was changed when a GSG `Compliments' card was published.

For large scale version of the above for Print purposes, see the "Media Images" page.