GSG Newsletter 154 - May 2013

GSG Move to Leslies' Bar

The venue for the regular Tuesday evening GSG meeting in Edinburgh has moved south to John Leslie's Bar at 45-47 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1SU. The attractions are the softer seats, the quieter surroundings and the cheaper beer. Run by Ray, the previous landlord of the Cumberland, it has his 'credit crunch' Leslie's Ale on tap at £2.70 per pint. It is a bit further from central Edinburgh, but that is about the only negative. Dating from 1896 it is one of Edinburgh's oldest pubs and its interior remains resolutely Victorian. Its web site is at and it announces there that a kitchen is under construction and they will be serving food soon. Parking isn't a problem. So far there has always been plenty of space near the door. You can find us there from about 8pm onwards usually at the rear of the bar.


GSG AGM 2013

This year's AGM was held on Saturday 9th February, 2013 in Winchburgh and was attending by 19 members. As last year, the AGM was broadcast live on the web. A full set of draft minutes and annual reports is available on the GSG Members Server - but a short report of events is given below.

Office Bearers' Reports:

  • The Chairman reported a good year for the club, with a range of caving and training activities and a very good turnout for the Annual Dinner. He also reported on the Hut, and progress with building and maintenance activities.
  • The Recorder's report included details of activities and he also requested that members continue to submit reports of all underground activities by writing in the logbooks of by sending emails to him.
  •  The Treasurer's report summarized income and expenditure and indicated a healthy surplus for the year. There was no need to increase subscription fees at the present time despite increased postage costs.
  • The Caving Secretary's report highlighted activities in Appin as well as Yorkshire and Assynt, and a visit to the Jura and the Meghalaya expedition. The report stressed the importance of obtaining permits before visiting many of the caves in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • The Secretary reported that she had dealt with a range of email enquiries and that there had been four committee meetings in 2012. The Web-site is being updated, and she gave a short summary of progress with that.
  • The Tacklemaster reported good usage of club equipment, and outlined new purchases made and also what other items might be required.
  • The Training report outlined the activities that had taken place, including SRT and surveying and outlined training for the year which included knots & rigging, and perhaps First Aid/Self rescue.

Election of Office Bearers:

All office bearers were all willing to stand (Ed: Just as well because there were no other volunteers!), and were re-elected. The Management Committee for 2013 is:

Chairman – Peter Dowswell

Treasurer – Ivan Young

Recorder – Alan Jeffreys

Secretary – Elizabeth Ellis

Tackle Master – Andy Peggie

Hut Warden – Peter Dowswell

Caving Secretary – Ross Davidson

The Management Committee then co-opted Becki Carter as Training Officer and Andrew Morgan as an Ordinary Member with the support of members present.


  1. Changing the venue of the Tuesday night meeting to Leslie's Bar.
    There was unanimous support for this resolution, including 5 email votes
  2. 2. Smoking policy in the hut.

    This resolution was discussed and although most members (including those who had emailed in their views) supported the concept of no smoking in the hut, there were several who were not in favour of a ban.

    A counter-resolution was put forward that there should be a ban on smoking in the bunk rooms, and that smoking would be strongly discouraged elsewhere. This counter resolution was accepted by the majority present (17 to 1 against and 1 abstention).

Annual Dinner 2013 - Voting

    Postal/email    AGM 
 Appin  4  7  11
 Derbyshire  2  3  5
 North Wales  3  5  8
   4  4
 TOTAL  9  19  28

The winner was Appin. A volunteer is required to organize this! The main task is to assess and chose a venue. From then on the Treasurer should (as usual) take over. Please contact him with your offer of assistance soon.


Caves of Assynt is almost nearly complete and is expected to be published this year.

The Cave database is now being coordinated by John Rae, taking over from Dick Grindley.

Meets and Expeditions for 2013:

A meets list is in circulation. Meghalaya and a possible trip to Borneo were discussed.


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